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Interest for Aromatherapy has been rising year after year, because it's a totally natural holistic alternative, safe and easy to use; stores have a whole array of aromas available which can be used for therapeutic purposes and also as a natural alternative to take care of our health, reducing stress and diseases.
The first discoveries related to Aromatherapy originate from ancient Egypt, from where the predecessors of aroma treatment have come. Aromatherapy consists of using pure essential oils extracted from plants.

Why use them?

Essential oils transmit a sort of psychological stimuli, known as "cephalic effect", and help to create a positive mindset. On the other hand, on a physiological level they stimulate the immune system and hold preventive and healing properties. It's also possible to say that in a domestic household, people experience more resistance to infectious diseases, boosting your health and well being in general.

If Aromatherapy is focused on our home, its desired effect is to clean and harmonize this sacred space; professional Aromatherapy treatment is also offered in beauty salons, gyms and hospitals.

How to absorb its essence

Its essence is absorbed in two ways:

While the aroma itself affects directly the brain receptors, molecules of preceding substances are absorbed by the blood flow and circulate through the body. The oils provide a medicinal effect on the air and on the person who breathes it; they are potent anti septics entrusted with eliminating bacteria and germs.

Some recommended substances to aromatize the air

  • The Pot-pourri, ideal to scent a home or a room. Rose petals are a traditional ingredient of this mix.

  • A mix of basil - bergamot - lavender, to comfort and clean the air.

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Claudia García
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