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Purchasing a house is a lifelong investment, so one can never be too careful. For both parties to be satisfied with the result, don’t take the visit you’re about to make lightly.

While you’re visiting the house, be very alert to its general condition, as well as weird smells, spots or finishes. Don’t be ashamed of asking a lot of questions about the property; when it was built, when a certain replacement was made, how is the neighbourhood, how is the heating and air conditioning working, was there ever a major intervention in the past, etc.

If other potential buyers are also visiting, don't hesitate on scheduling a new visit to make an even more sharp analysis and expose your questions in private!

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Gonçalo Lemos
A multitasker by nature, Gonçalo is involved in web development, marketing, writing and social media management at Emeteclass and Urbamarkt. Also a dedicated musician, songwriter and live performer.