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Looking for buyers in the real estate business? Get to know our platform, its benefits, how to use it and how to get started.

Millions of people navigate the web everyday to search, analyse and purchase products, and real estate is no exception.

Before buying or renting, most clients search online to see what is on the market.

UrbaMarkt is a global urban marketing platform dedicated to inspire interested consumers in purchasing real estate and connecting them with proprietaries and real estate professionals.

We want that our client ads obtain the maximum exposure, showing them to potential national and foreign buyers, and working for them to stay visible more frequently, for longer periods of time.

If you are a proprietary or a real estate professional you can enter this platform, list your real estate and make use of the benefits.

Benefits of publishing real estate at UrbaMarkt

There are many reasons for which professionals, builders and proprietaries use the UrbaMarkt platform. Here are some of them:

Free registry. Register yourself and get 3 free months for your first ad if you are a real estate professional or 6 months if you are a proprietary. This way you can make use of the advantages of UrbaMarkt before purchasing one of our plans.

International focus. The real estate will be available internationally. They are publicised in various languages to maximise interest.

Highlights. We have different kinds of highlighting to improve results.

Private section where you can: publish, edit, activate, deactivate, eliminate, highlight real estate and visualize statistics.

Control every step of the process. You will be reached directly by the buyers, you control the process, we handle the marketing.

Mini-website. Are you a real estate professional? This section is for you. The mini website is the publishers’ informative area (logo, short estate description, the location, contact info, social media, every published ad).

By publishing an ad at UrbaMarkt, you have the opportunity to show your property to a growing number of users that is searching online. These buyers are usually highly motivated to find their next home and are at ease interacting with people and companies through the platform.

How to publish your ads at UrbaMarkt?

Having an ad on UrbaMarkt increases the possibility of being contacted by national and foreign buyers. Most buyers search online to see the market opportunities and to decide which properties they want to visit. If you are not using UrbaMarkt you are losing the opportunity to show your real estate to a big amount of potential buyers.

You have nothing to lose, create an account, register your property and make it available for national and international buyers.

Increase your real estate’s visibility. There are buyers waiting for you.

What’s next?

Register and publish your ads, once they are published they will start to appear in searches. However, share them in your social media, you never know where a buyer is.

Good luck! And thank you for choosing UrbaMarkt.

Interested in a real estate website?

Write to urbamarkt@urbamarkt.com, we can create a professional website for your agency.

Promote your business in the domestic and international market

UrbaMarkt is a marketing platform dedicated to bringing national and international buyers together with local professionals, increasing the possibilities of exposing their products and experiences to customers anywhere in the world.
Mirla Ferreira
In love with finance and technology, Mirla writes about tips & advices at UrbaMarkt, where she is Product Manager. Mom from Sept 1994 until forever.