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In the last few years, selling properties to foreigners is a wish for many; the reasons: the situation in the real estate business, crisis or political and economic stability. The foreign market, Netherlands, China, Japan, France, England, Germany, USAU etc, has become a trend; it is a capable one, making it able to buy a property for its high economic value.

However, one should be cautious, and not simply be deceived by the current trend. It’s right to say that many foreign investors are ready to be a property somewhere around the world, and it’s also right to say that not all properties have a foreign market.

Allow me to show you 3 common mistakes:

  • People tend to think that the foreign buyer is willing to pay more than the property’s real value; one should instead realize this investor does his math very seriously and above all knows the market very well. He won’t spend one extra penny regarding the house’s value, and he’s likely to obtain a better profit off the purchase.Be objective in the evaluation and define the right price is our recommendation; be aware that the risk is keeping the property in the market for too long, consequently reducing its value!

  • Thinking that is enough to simply advertise the property in specific and specialised sites for this kind of market; be careful, there are a lot of those and not all of them are effective! The first action is to take advantage of the property to the most and present it to the market’s best of the best, and only afterwards one should think of better publicity; remember, the more advertising, the greater the chances of selling your property.

  • Publishing a property on the market that is it not in perfect conditions or with poor and scarce advertising content. It’s very common to post poorly taken photos with a phone, and they end up having little brightness, sharpness, definition, blurred objects, badly organised background and little or no photos of the property’s interior/exterior. You may think that the picture’s quality is irrelevant, but the reality is that this factor is determinant when selling a house; all the details matter. This helps obtaining greater visibility and increasing the property’s trust, enhancing its sale potential and competitiveness. Another common mistake is to publish merely an extracted and shortened analysis. Increase your efforts and take advantage of your property to the most, showing it in its splendor, and with complete and valuable content. Only so will you sell it at the right price!

Let’s do this exercise together: sit in front of the computer, take a look at all the material you have available, download all the pictures, and think as if you were the buyer; it will help to improve the details and the photos’ perspectives. This will surely help to create an excellent ad.

Recommendations for making a profitable sale

They will help you improve your publicity!

  • Make the most out of your property, do a nice photoshoot, with plenty of variety (inside and outside), making it able to appreciate its surroundings. If you have something like a mountain or a beautiful landscape nearby, take a picture and add it; that sells and plays to your advantage, because the buyers love this and are able to see the house’s full potential from anywhere in the world.

  • Obtain the most complete floor plan possible, it is much more convenient if you’re equipped with this, to increase the ad’s credibility.

  • Make the difference, photograph your property from top to bottom, show all the different angles and surprise the buyer by being different from the average market..

  • More than creating a good ad that makes a difference, it’s time to place it on the internet and make it available for the buyers to see. We know there are a lot of real estate agencies and websites, and that’s why we advise to choose properly while saving time and money. At URBAMARK we give you the opportunity to register and get to know us. You can advertise your property even in the foreign market, fully controlling the process.

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Claudia García
Marketing Assessor at Urbamarkt. Love to focus on physical, mental and spiritual well-being.